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Xerox Document Security

document security

In today’s business world, all organizations must find the best way to keep their networks secure and keep up with changing standards and needs. Keeping your organization secure doesn’t have to be a time consuming task. When you find the right system to secure your network, you can focus on your priorities without sacrificing your network. As more business use wireless technology, cloud databases and web-based software, the risk to your network is increasing. But it doesn’t have to.

McAfee and Xerox have teamed up to provide a security system that protects your confidential data. Since the technology is integrated on all Xerox devices, you never have to worry about documents being scanned into the cloud or printed from your mobile device.

Xerox’s partnership with McAfee and Cisco Technologies ensure that you have the highest level of protection for your network.

Use your existing ID card system to set who can access certain devices or documents. Encrypted scanning keeps any data and documents secure. Automatic Image Overwrite ensures that whatever documents are being scanned or printed are not left on the device once your job is done.

Keeping your documents secure doesn’t have to be a difficult job thanks to Xerox. Contact us to learn more about how to keep your network secure.