Document Management Software

Document Management Systems in Winchester and Staunton

Is your office buried in papers? Do you have lots of bulky file cabinets in your office? Does it take too much time to file and retrieve documents? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you may benefit from document management software.

Document management systems allows you to store your documents in an electronic database and access those files from various devices. This frees up the space taken up by those file cabinets and allows you to create a more streamlined and organized system for storing documents.

Some of the benefits of document management systems are:

- Increased document security: Your document management system is likely to include several layers of security, from an ID card system for accessing documents to encryption.

- Simplified document retrieval: Organize your files in the way that makes the most sense to you. Add tags to your documents so they are easily searchable.

- Easier file backup: Creating digital copies of all your documents gives you an automatic “backup” file. No more making copies of documents that you then have to store long term.

If you have already implemented a document management system, we can still help! We can help you create a more customized and efficient system for scanning, sharing and storing your documents. We offer the following products to help with this:

  • Xerox ConnectKey Share to Cloud
  • Xerox ConnectKey Scan to SharePoint
  • Nuacne eCopy
  • ScanFlowStore
  • SafeCom
  • NSI Autostore

Document management can help you transform your organization to be more efficient and environmentally friendly. Contact us to learn more.